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Welcome to

This website was started back in February 2004, with the intention of creating a tool that could help the world to get a better knowledge about Burundi.

It has turned out that it is very difficult to find proper informations about Burundi, and the development of this website has been slow, or allmost non existing.
However, we dont give up easy, and we have decided that at least we can offer a stubborn attitude, and keep running this website.

We ! Are your webmaster and wife who are trying to keep up the good work.

We hope that you will find this website usefull, and if you have anything of interest please dont hesitate to contact us.
You could also try to visit another web project we have: which is an example of how websites can help Burundi.

With best regards
Webmaster, John Jorgensen.

Last updated November 30, 2010. ©John Jorgensen.