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This website has now been changed in order to cover the situation in Burundi.
The truth is often the first victim in conflicts, and I am trying to give an overview of the situation that is as true and reliable as possible, by gathering statements and comments from all sides. If you find my informations to be incorrect, please contact me immediately, and I will follow up on it.

I aim to be as objective as possible, but I must also admit that reading both the constitution of Burundi, and the Arusha Peace Agreement, I dont see how a third term can be in the spirit of those who brought peace to Burundi.

When the former president: Domitien Ndayizeye, had to hand over power to Mr. Nkurunziza, there were no concerns about the fact that he had not been elected directly of the people of Burundi, it was a part of the agreement that should lead Burundi in the direction of peace and democracy, and he had to share his power with the next in line.

It also seems strange to me, that the CNDD-FDD over a period of 10 years in power, have been unable to find a suitable candidate to carry the legacy after mr. Nkurunziza, and lead Burundi in accordance with the spirit of those who affiliated the Arusha peace agreement.

That said, if you are in favour of mr. Nkurunzizas third term in power, I will also welcome your point of view, and share them on this website, in order to support dialogue, and avoid the loss of Burundian lives.

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